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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most commonly asked questions. Additional details can be found in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, user, profile, listing and transaction prompts and email communications. If you have any question, please put in a support request. 

One of our friendly staff will answer you within a day. >


Simply click the icon in the upper right of any screen to log-in, or select to create a new profile. Confirmation communications will be sent to you. 

Once you have created a profile, you will be able to make and complete a booking as a traveler customer, add new parking space listings, set up payments and communicate with other users. 

We never share your info with 3rd parties for their marketing purposes and we use state of the art encryption for all data handling and storage. Info that we do share includes transaction details with payment processors, banking institutions, email management software, security verification providers and providers such as Google Maps that help market and promote your parking space listings to gain bookings. 

Yes. Anytime navigate to your profile and find a link to deactivate your profile. We would hate to see you go. Please let us know why you are leaving on your way out. 

All of our log-in pages have a “reset password” option and will send you a new password reset prompt to your selected email. 


Just create a profile and then “add payments” becomes available to you in your profile options. Follow the instructions to add a payout account to accept payments at.

Our payment processor, Stripe Payments accepts all major credit card payments types. We do not accept cash or checks for reservations and paying for reservations outside of the ParkingFit booking system voids our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 

In your purchase transaction history you can “cancel a reservation” and a refund will be due to you if you are still outside of the zero-refund window for the property reserved as set by the property host. 

Sellers/hosts can set a required deposit be collected by ParkingFit on their behalf at the time of the booking. This amount is kept in reserve until final payments are sent to the host for the reservation and a small grace period allowing the host to request part of all of the deposit in case of damages. 


ParkingFit uses state of the art encryption and data handling and storage techniques to keep your data safe including those provided by partners such as Stripe Payments, PayPal, Wells Fargo Bank, Google and Amazon Web Services. 

We never share your personal data without consent and we only use general data about your property to help market it to gain bookings. 

ParkingFit staff review all listings prior to them being available for rent. However, it is most useful when travelers leave reviews so that hosts can upgrade aspects of their property, increase safety and let other travelers know what to expect. All hosts agree to make their parking spaces accessible and as safe as possible. 


In order to host you must have created a profile. Once you have a profile you can submit one or more new parking space listings. We personally review all new spaces and will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your parking and business goals prior to you being able to start accepting bookings. 

Any legal residential of the UNited State of American who is not restricted from engaging in any kind of online commerce and who has become registered and verified user of the Parking Fit LLC listing and transaction management systems ( 

Nightly average is $40 and the average occupancy is 25%. High performing properties have pricing up to $100/night and monthly occupancy as high as 90%. One of the best ways to price your space is to look at local campgrounds and RV parks and see what they charge and what services they offer. Your #1 amenity is PRIVACY and if you can offer things like wifi, trash or water your space get rent for a premium. 

Once you have created a profile you can add your payments details. You will be asked to add a bank account and routing #. You won’t be able to add a new listing to rent to travelers until you have added payment details. Payments from completed bookings will be sent to hosts each month either within 5 business days of a completed booking and check-out date having passed, or, roughly on the 1st and 15th day of each month depending on the payment details that you provide. 

ParkingFit retains a 30% commission on all net revenue collected, after taxes other fees. ParkingFit uses part of this commission to pay for marketing your property across the web.


Just use Google or Google Maps and search for “RV parking” or “parking” and you will find ParkingFit locations across the US. This fall we will offer a native booking page and travelers will be able to search for a book from a huge selection of properties to rent, right at our website. 

Just select a property that you want to rent, create or log-in to your profile, and then following the booking payments prompts to pay with a credit card. 

Anyone who accepts our Terms of Service and creates a profile and who can pay for reservations using an accepted payment form may reserve parking spaces via the ParkingFit system. Hosts reserve the right not reject reservations requests at their own volition and ParkingFit staff may reject reservations or payments attempts for any reason. 

Any reservation canceled prior to a sero-refund period set by the host may be due a refund. Furthermore, if a traveler/buyer has a dispute regarding a reservation they may contact ParkingFit staff to help mediate a resolution beyond our standard payments and refunds policies set in our Terms of Service. 


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ParkingFit uses a portion of the the fees that we split with property owners to market their specicvi properties across the web. 

ParkingFit markets to travelers and property owners who may be interested in our service. 

Drop us a message if you have any questions.