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Why Host?

Successful host can earn $1,000 or more per month. It’s serious business. 

We give you all the tools needed to build, market and manage a successful rental listing. We even pay to market your property across the web at sites like Google Maps. Hosting RV travelers is way less complex than running a vacation rental, doesn’t take up local housing inventory, and helps get travelers off of public street making our neighborhoods safer. 

Just create an account from the upper right hand navigation menu in any webpage here. Once you have created a profile, you can start to build a parking space listing and our staff will contact you before it goes live to confirm all details. 

You can create, list and manage any type of parking space specifically set up to accept camper vans, truck campers, travel trailers, and/or motorhomes. 

Successful hosts can make as much as $1,000 or more per month. Amenities like wifi, location, water, trash and privacy level greatly affect pricing and demand. Our staff will help you properly price your listings. Just ask. 

Building A Real Business

Even humble parking spaces can generate substantial income. You don’t need to have lot’s of hookups, connections of fancy property.

We provide analytics, invoices, proof of income statements, booking calendar and management systems and we even invest in ads to promote your rentals across the web. You decide what to charge travelers for rates, deposits, and everything related so that you can stay on top of your business and money.

The only fees charged to the host are a 10% transaction tax and processing fee which is deducted from the total nightly fees that the host earns from a booking. Example >$100 booking – 10% = $90. No other fees are assessed.

Property owners get paid via direct deposit to their selected bank. Once you have created a profile and began to add a new listing, our staff will help you add a payouts destination to your account. All of our transactions are powered by Stripe Payments, a global leader in secure, complex online payments. We make payouts to hosts approximately 7 days after a booking reservation check-out date, unless a traveler and host have a payments dispute. Please read our Payments Terms. 

You can manage your availability calendar, guest messages, payments, and other detail  all from your profile. ParkingFit pays to generate ads to promote parking spaces across the web and drive bookings. 

Making A

We Have Your Back

Hosts get to set a damage deposit amount and our staff help mediate claims quickly. Our company carries major liability insurance. Hosts can require that RV travelers show proof of insurance which covers anything under their liability and collision insurance policy while operating their vehicle. Combine together, hosts enjoy a variety or protections. RMessage us to learn more about how we help resolve disputes about reservations, payments, and damage claims. 

You may request part or all of a deposit from a guest reservation by emailing us at  — Our staff will pause payments and payouts due until we have a mediated or other resolution, or payment agreement and then we will proceed with any remaining payments due based on the resolution. 

We partner with Stripe Payments systems.  Stripe is a global leader in payments processing and complex online transactions technology. They help provide safe, reliable, fast transaction processing and back up ParkingFit and our community members. 

Safety Is Goal #1

The most important aspect of doing business safely is to know who you are doing business with. The ParkingFit payments system has multiple, redundant identity verification steps built into it to make sure that people making bookings, payments, and offering properties for rent are legally able to do business in the United States. Our payments, transaction, and banking partners take your safety, and your money seriously, too. Our partners at ParkingFit all work to keep you safe. 


Yes! You can set “instant booking” to “on” allowing travelers to make reservation without communicating with you, or, you may require that each reservation request be manually reviewed and accepted by you to make sure that it’s a good fit. 

Renting parking is great because people don’t have to be up close near each other, or in each other’s personal space to do business. Hosts can set their availability, too and tell travelers weather or not they will be personally available to socialize or help with the parking space. 

Have questions? Need help getting started? Drop us a note here and we will get back to you ASAP. >

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