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Quick start to hosting RV TRAVELERS at your property.

​Hosting travelers is fun, and you can earn between $20 and $100 per night. But, make sure that you are prepared.

A little bit of effort setting up a nice camp space with some basic amenities and taking a few nice pictures can really pay-off in making your listing attractive to travelers.

Preparing to Host

1. Prepare your site

Privacy, road access, parking, cleanliness and amenities are all needed to attract paying RV travelers. Think about what kinds of vehicles can make it to your property. How big is your parking space? Is your parking area clean and free of obstacles? Can you offer any amenities such as WiFi, electric, water, trash bins or wastewater services?

2. Take Photos

Show travelers your campsite. Is there any privacy? What is the space like? What kind of vegetation is present? Is there anything about the parking area that is particularly welcoming? Is there an area for pets? These details and the amenities you offer attract RV travelers. 

3. Regisiter and Build

Once your site is prepped and you have some photos, then you can register a profile and build parking space listings at the marketplace. You will receive an email with a link to let us know when you are ready to make your listing live.